Lease Line

Tempura supply both point to point and Internet Leased Line services. Due to the nature of the leased line pricing, please complete the form below so that we can prepare a bespoke quotation for you. We will compare a number of providers to offer the most competitive pricing, and fastest delivery solution available.

Leased Line services start at 10Mb symmetrical, available in 10Mb increments to 100Mb, and then 100Mb increments to 1Gb and 1Gb increments to 10Gb. All are supplied with an engineer installed Business Router, and can be supplied with optional Cisco firewall. Tempura can also provide VOIP or Videoconferencing solutions all in a single bill.

Typically lead times are around 3 months to install and are based on 3 year minimum contract terms. All connections come with a full SLA, are uncontended. Billing options relating to frequency and payment options including DirectDebit and Credit Card are also available.

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