Solutions for Skype for Business users

As more organisations embrace Skype for Business from Microsoft, Tempura are in a position to add complimentary products and services to make the experience as good as it can be. Whether than be room based videoconferencing systems and Cloud services that bring Skype and Standards based video together, or IP telephones and conference phones Skype ready, to Logitech USB Cameras that enable connection to a PC in the meeting room or for Home Workers to provide room system experience we can help. As a Microsoft Surface Device Partner we can provide tablets, laptop, PCs and interactive displays that form the Surface Device options from Microsoft.

Lifesize Cloud Premium 10 user subscription with Skype for Business support, brings standards based videoconferencing technology and Skype together. Deploying Lifesize ICON range of room based hardware videoconferencing solution whilst allowing calls to and from Skype for Business users into a 40 way Virtual Meeting Room adds further experience to the meeting environment whilst being able to accept calls from other systems into a single environment without risk of security, or bandwidth usage as based in the Cloud.

We can provide different systems on a monthly basis along with the Cloud service. Price below shows the cost of the Cloud service over a 12 month term billed monthly for the 10 user pack.

Price: £399.00 / month

  • Connect up to 10 Lifesize Room Systems, or PCs/Tablets
  • Provides 40 way Virtual Meeting Room for standard based IP video or Skype for Business users
  • Virtual Meeting room supports audio dial in for particpants travelling or with no internet access with local dial in numbers
  • Provides improved layouts for the best video experience
  • Unlimited guest invites provide a solution to bring in customers and suppliers into a video call or as an audio participant
  • 12 month or 36 month contracts available.
  • Upgrade path to higher capacity of users or Enterprise Wide enablement.
  • Option to add video recording and streaming to the solution